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Bis bald!

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I can’t lie; I’m having a hard time remembering to post new things.

It isn’t as if I don’t have anything to update with. I have a plethora of pictures, ideas, life experiences, experiments and general run of the mill BS.

The problem is choosing what to put up.

We all have voices, it’s just a matter of how we choose to use them.


Woodward Dream Cruise, 2004



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October 14, 2010 at 5:06 pm

Sky high

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I am a sucker for a scenic sky.

When I drive home from school, I drive west. If I’m coming home from a night class, I have the opportunity to watch some of the most glorious sunsets as I’m coasting down the freeway. There is a point where I-696 goes over I-75 and for a brief few seconds, the elevation gives the perfect view of the sky ahead. Often the clouds are reflecting the most vibrant yellows, oranges and reds from the sun with various deep shades of blue set against them.

sunset detroit zoo

I photographed this in fall, 2009 in Royal Oak. I was on my way home from a class and had to pull over just to capture this image. The bottom one is a more faithful representation of what the sky actually looked like but I enjoy the deep red-orange overcast of the top image. Silhouetted pine trees at Main Street are in the foreground but the outline of the Detroit Zoo water tower is most prominent. The flock of geese in the distance was just an added bonus to the photograph.

Which version do you like better? I have a print of the red version on sale at my Etsy shop. Go ahead, check it out and favorite it if you like it!

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September 27, 2010 at 12:38 am

No camera just means more time on my hands

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My camera is still kaputt. I haven’t heard anything about how reliable Teleplan is for repairing cameras and if I were to spend $400 to repair a camera that is six years old, I may as well put that money (that I don’t have)  toward a new camera.

So for the time being, I’m reduced to camera phone pictures. Sad, but true.

Not having a DSLR at my disposal has really thrown me off.  But a few months of pouting hasn’t accomplished anything so I am back to working on projects for my Etsy store. My goal is to add new products on a regular basis and find new ways of marketing my merchandise. I’ve posted my Sunflower Girl 8×10 print on craigslist with the hope that it will generate interest not necessarily for that particular print, but for my store and products in general. Any ideas and suggestions are warmly welcomed. This is something I’m striving to be successful with.

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September 17, 2010 at 7:06 pm

A death in the family

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My beloved Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D is broken.

My kid brother accidentally dropped it a couple weeks ago. A two foot fall has resulted in a five second grinding noise whenever the camera is turned on. The auto focus works on the lens, the light meter still works… the only thing that doesn’t happen is actually having a photograph taken when I hit the button.

I feel like I’m mourning. I want to wear all black.

I took my camera to Woodward Camera in Birmingham and they quoted the repair at $400. I spent $450 just buying the body two years ago. My budget is about $100.

Of course, repairing a DSLR is a big enough deal in itself without taking into consideration that it’s a brand that is no longer in business. Labor is expected to be expensive but now I potentially have to worry about parts just because they may not be readily available if anything needs to be replaced.

I’ve done some research and the only thing I’ve found in my price range is an online company called Teleplan Camera Repair. They offer repair specifically for a 7D with my problem for a flat $102. My issue with this is the fact that I have found mixed reviews with the company. Some people had wonderful and fast service. Other people swear that the company is the devil and to steer clear of it.

My options are limited. I can’t afford to take my camera anywhere else but I don’t want to waste my money or have something happen to it (further damage, never having it returned, etc.). I’m at a crossroads (why is that plural?) and even worse than that is the annoyance of now relying on my 1.3MP camera phone to take pictures.

If anyone has had experience with Teleplan, I’d love to hear about it. And other affordable options for getting my poor camera fixed would be equally helpful.

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July 27, 2010 at 6:51 pm

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As an update to my previous post, I can officially say I notice a difference with taking Adderall. More specifically, I notice a difference when I don’t take it. My regimen so far has been take it two days, go a day without. And that day without is drastic. It just seems like everything is more intense. Ironic that this little pill that is essentially 20mg of speed makes everything more mellow for me.

I have noticed more dizzy spells but I believe a lot of that is attributed to my lack of appetite. I make sure to eat a couple times a day even if I’m not hungry but I have not been my normal grazing self over the last few days. But being on lithium increases my appetite so I’m hoping that it will level out.

Hey look, a rose bush.

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July 12, 2010 at 10:35 pm

I’m outside your business, taking your wifi

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It’s kind of interesting, finding new perspectives on life. The problem is actually sitting back, paying attention and taking it in instead of going through the motions and letting things slide by.

I was given a prescription for Adderall. 20mg per day. I started it yesterday and I’m really not sure I see a difference. I felt a slight buzz kick in an hour after taking it but I didn’t notice anything beyond that. Some people say it’s a low dose, some people say it will take a few weeks before it reaches its maximum effectiveness, some people point to this as a sign that I really have ADHD because I’d otherwise be washing the ceilings in my house.

Maybe the concentration is better but I’m not sure at this point. It doesn’t seem to boost my motivation but again, I’m still feeling uncertain about it all. I did do a lot today. I went to the YMCA and speed walked three miles, biked a mile and swam seven laps. But I don’t know if that had to do with the Adderall or if I just felt like going. And now I am sitting on a park bench in downtown Royal Oak, stealing wifi and uploading pictures.

These are all things that I like doing and want to do and often don’t end up doing for whatever reason. And that’s what is making me feel like this could be making a difference. I think about going outside to edit photos but I rarely do. I think about working out but I rarely do. I think about writing but I rarely do. It’s like today is a hat trick of productivity for me. And I’m enjoying myself – and I always enjoy myself. So why is it that I frequently go without doing what I like and want to do?

Some of it is depression. It robs me of my motivation and my desires. Sometimes I just feel too antisocial to risk running into someone – people I know or strangers – and knowing I’d have to talk to them. And because this has been happening for so long, some of it is just that I’m used to not doing anything. It’s a combination of habit and laziness. But it’s something I’m working on and this is a testament to that.

I’ve been trying to eat better, which helps. I had trail mix today! And not the salted kind with M&M’s thrown in; the healthy kind with dried fruit. And I like it. For a second, I was considering going grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s but they close in 45 minutes and I’m still enjoying myself out in the wonderful Michigan summer weather. It may or may not sound like I’ve done a lot today. I do know I will sleep well tonight.


Ghetto Gear! on Eight Mile

Blast from the past: June 5, 2003

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Congratulations Becky

Seven years ago, I graduated from high school.

I narrowly made it. I started suffering from senioritis my first semester of freshman year. I was that lost soul who had no idea what to do with herself. It wasn’t that I lacked ambition, I just never saw what opportunities I had ahead of me.

Fast forward to 2010. I’ve bounced around a couple community colleges and had an insane, unaffordable amount of majors. I still don’t know what I want but I’m at least better aware of what’s out there.

Other people are graduating grad school, getting married, buying houses, starting families. I’m nowhere near that point. And sometimes it’s difficult to not compare myself with the success of others.

But they never had the life I’ve had. Are they more fortunate for that or am I? I think time will tell.

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June 4, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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