Taking Pictures to the Moon

The sky has too many limits.

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Blogging really hasn’t been my forte lately.

I have a difficult time knowing what to talk about, what the focus of said blog is, the audience I am targeting, how much I want to get out.

It doesn’t help that I don’t have Internet access at home, save for when a neighbor’s unsecured wifi signal creeps through my window.

I could make that all inclusive blog that can only be organized by scores of tags and filters because there are so many varying factors in my life. (And doesn’t that make me sound oh so important?) But in trying to please everybody by giving a taste of something everyone will enjoy, everyone will get bored with the posts not relevant to their interests and no one will read it.

So here’s a general rundown of what I’ll try to stick to:

Photos. Because photography consumes my life, whether it be taking pictures, editing pictures or admiring pictures.

Craziness. My mental health is of constant scrutiny. And sometimes the situations I find myself in are pure hilarity.

Cats. Who doesn’t love cats?

Detroit. I love Detroit. I love Michigan. I hate snow.

Current and historical events. I love learning about what’s happening now and comparing it to what has happened in the past. We are always doomed to repeat ourselves.

Music. If I come up with some songs or videos I feel are worth sharing, then… I will share them.

I’m hoping that I can categorize my posts well enough to prevent this from becoming a “today I woke up and then I got dressed and then I ate some toast and then I went to the mall and then I bought some shit and then I came home the end” kind of blog. I’m not so concerned, as I love punctuation.

In the meantime, I’m stuck inside for the majority of the day because my little brother is on his second snow day in a row, so I get to babysit. Hot chocolate, electric blankets, two layers of socks and cats. Cats everywhere!


Written by becklo

December 14, 2010 at 8:39 am

Posted in Miscellaneous

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